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Why Are Blue Websites More Popular?

Choice of colour scheme when designing a website is crucial if your target audience is to engage successfully. Colour plays with emotion, so how you design your website and your use of colour enables you to communicate and send the right message to potential customers and clients. Colour also has a bearing on the psychology of the casual browser, influencing interest levels and decisions on whether to complete purchases or not.

Considering your target audience is important, and your website designer needs this information before the website takes shape. Whilst simply choosing your own favourite colour scheme might please you, your potential customers will be attracted by visual cues: known in retail as the art of persuasion. Women prefer blue/purple/green colour schemes, whilst men tend to opt for blue/green/black, but the important thing is both sexes have blue as their favourite colour. Blue, therefore, is the colour scheme of choice, and the web bears witness to this.

Most successful companies use blue, both in their logos and on their websites. Blue denotes credibility, professionalism, trust, security and strength, and explains why it is the dominant colour online. Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook might have chosen blue because he is red/green colour blind, but blue is the colour of choice for businesses worldwide, from multinational corporations down to the smallest companies.

Blue implies loyalty and increases brand recognition. The use of blue banners on a neutral background catch customer attention, calling them to action, which is precisely what you want from your visitors!