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Do business cards offer value for money?

Starting a new business, what will give a better ROI?


Some people think business cards are obsolete in this age of smartphones and social media, but they continue to be of use in one-to-one situations, at business seminars and conferences, and for advertising your services locally – in shop windows, for example. In most scenarios, the little piece of card emblazoned with your business logo and contact details, invariably passed by hand to acquaintances and business contacts, becomes lost or discarded.

A set of business cards is a static investment at best. A print run of a thousand cards can attract not much more than that number of prospective customers if you are lucky. Even the most striking of business cards can only give your business URL and email address as a call to enquire further: there is no button to press to secure an immediate online sale.

With a newly-created and professionally designed WordPress website, the world is your oyster. All the information concerning your business is presented clearly and search engine optimised for greatest outreach to potential clients, meaning you can gain an exponential return on your investment. Your brand will reach a possible global clientèle in an instant, in contrast to the more localised interest generated with a business card.

Your WordPress website offers flexibility to adapt in response to changes in your business, be it new items or services being introduced or a move to a different location: a business card can only convey information correct at the time of printing, nothing more than that without it being defaced. In a volatile market it is vital to keep ahead of your rivals, and with a professionally designed and maintained WordPress website, your online business can go from strength to strength.