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Need a new website?  Go DIY or Hire a Designer?

A small business needs a web presence in order to generate custom and drive the enterprise forward but, even with many self-build website options to choose from, do you go down the DIY route or do you hire a professional web designer with experience in small business website construction?

If a simple web page is all you need, then self-build may be the answer, but will that same page generate business income for you from search engines like Google and Bing without further development and financial investment?

Starting a business from scratch is hard enough, but spending a lot of time comparing the many website design companies, such as Wix, Weebly, 1&1, Go Daddy and Squarespace to name but a few, is not cost-effective and probably very confusing. Each have their good and bad points, but unless you have some web design and coding experience, you will still have to pay to use their premium services to access their more advanced facilities.

Let’s face it, the majority of self-build websites have that DIY look – a bit like tinkering with a carburettor and having a misfiring engine as a result.

Hiring a professional web designer is the best option to take for most small business website construction tasks. For the price of a daily cup of coffee, your business can be showcased with the best on the web, generating maximum search engine hits and bringing in customers through the use of blogs and social media.

Building a website with a professional designer can also start a relationship which will help deliver maximum profits for you, the client. You can draw on the expertise gained through years of experience working with small businesses. Search engine optimisation techniques can be applied from the start to increase your traffic and revenue, and you will benefit from the freely given advice on such important issues as the selection of the best domain name and webhosting services.

Lets face facts, there is a reason we don’t fit our own gas boilers and in the same vain not hiring a competent web developer could do your business unrecoverable harm by missing thousands of potential customers.

We offer free discussions and good honest advice, it is very much in our interest to see your business grow. So give us a shout and we can set up a meeting and work out a strategy that will grow your business.


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