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Q: How much does a new website cost?

The allure of a custom made website

Imagine you want to buy a tailored business suit to reflect your professional identity. You may spend some time choosing the right material, discussing your requirements with the tailor, deciding which accessories and fastenings complete the look and making sure it fits you perfectly. It’s a completely different experience to picking a suit off the peg because it’s your suit, unique to you in every way and the decisions you made will determine the total cost of the suit you wanted.

In the web development sector, a professionally designed and personally tailored website is very much like buying a tailored suit. There isn’t a “one size fits all” professional website that you can buy off the peg. Each business is unique and may require different functions, like the ability to publish content or a means of selling products or services. On average, it takes between 100 and 150 hours to create a basic website of around 40 pages and that’s without all the frills and added extras.

Obviously, there are “off the peg” web designs that use generic templates that you can work with, but do you really want a website that will look the same as many others and offer your potential customers a less than first rate service? No, of course not.

So how do we create a professional and unique website just for you?

Stage #1 – Discovery

We get to know you and your business – its history, your journey and business goals. We find out about what your business offers, what you want your website to actually do and why customers should take an interest in your company.

Stage #2 – Planning

From information gathered in the discovery stage, we create a plan of action to determine what we need to do to help you achieve your goals.

Stage #3 – Design

With a plan in place, we begin to design your website, including how you will interact with your customers, the style of your site and the graphics required for your particular brand.

Stage #4 – Coding

Once you’re happy with the design, your site is then coded and moved into a content management system to allow more control. We then code your website for use on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops through a process known as responsive design. This process allows your website to automatically adjust to give the customer a positive user experience on every device.

Stage #5 – Testing

After coding is completed, your website is rigorously tested to ensure visitors can navigate it on various devices and that all functionality is enabled.

Why do you need a bespoke website?

Imagine walking into a business meeting in your brand new tailored suit; you’re wearing shiny new shoes, have picked out the perfect tie or scarf and other accessories and you look impeccable and professional. What kind of impression are you making when you walk into that room? Hopefully one that says you mean business, you take pride in your work and you have something important to say. Your website is the first impression potential customers and clients will have of your business online. As soon as they click onto your homepage, they begin to make decisions about whether your company is one they want to buy from or do business with or not. Attracting visitors and turning them into paying customers is the sole purpose of your website, as this will determine your future success.

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